Having had my Colnago CT1 Ti bike stolen from Canary Wharf in London I was a lost man. From the depths of sentimental despair though, came Sabbath. Knowing I couldn't ride anything but Ti from years of experience on the Colnago I did the research and after a series of test rides, I settled on the Sabbath September from Fat Birds up in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Just in time too, as I needed something that would get me from LA to NY solo and unsupported in 3 weeks. In fact, such was the ride and versatility I managed it in 19 days. Massive thanks to George at Edwardes Cycles too in London who gave the bike a top notch upgrade just before the trip, a top man who's knowledge of Sabbath and the broader bike market is encyclopaedic. I write this 4 years after this trip in 2011 and most unfortunately I had my shed broken into and the Sabbath nicked this time ... Insurance have paid up and I was straight around Edwardes to reinvest in the latest disc brake version of the September. How could I ride anything else? 

16th November 2015


I have always wanted a titanium framed bike, and after tons of research I settled on the September AR1 Disc. I love it, in the first three months I have ridden two sportives, and a full blown, fully loaded, tour through the mountains of Andalucia. The bike has coped beautifully with everything. I specced the whole build on paper based on my 'ideal' bike and geometry and was delighted to find that the fit and comfort is everything I could ever have hoped for. Don't be fooled by the drop from saddle to bars (it is how I like to ride and I have long arms) this is an all day fast tourer/ audax bike that is better than anything I have ridden before.

Safe to say you have a very happy owner/ brand champion.

Nich Ash

22nd May 2015

Everything I dreamed of and more...

I toyed with the idea of a Ti frame for a while but it was not until the end of November 2014, when our house was broken into and my bikes stolen (my wife was more concerned about all her jewellery and her car...well that's women for you), that I was galvanized into action. I tested the Silk Road out at Cycle Art and loved it from the off. A big thank you to Tony at Cycle Art who spent some time setting it up to match my Retul fit; although I do feel a bit guilty that I did not buy one from them, as in the end I decided to build the bike myself after trying out another Ti frame which, although cheaper, was not a patch on the Silk Road. I researched and bought the parts neeed just before Christmas, making good use of the discounts which everyone seemed to be offering but it was not until mid January that the frame arrived. The bike was mostly build one Saturday but I was waiting for some hand built wheels from David Hunt at DCR Wheels; a man who is amazing and well worth talking to if you're in the market for a new set. The wheels were well worth waiting for, they are light, stiff and climb well without breaking the bank.

So, I have just returned from the first spin out on my Silk Road. This bike is fantastic; it dampens the road buzz, is relaxed enough for all day comfort yet leaps forward when you want a bit of speed. It handles well without being 'twitchy'; it inspires confidence. I can't fault it!  the only draw back at the moment is my lack of fitness, having not ridden since November, but I have a fabulous new bike, the weather is improving and there are no excuses not to ride.  Mark.

17th February 2015


I just wanted to follow up with you now that I'm a very proud owner of a Sabbath September. Your information on the phone and putting me in touch with George at Edwardes Cycles was of great help.

The bike is exactly what I was looking for and is just the right mix for me of light touring and dare I say it Sportive geometry,(I just enjoy riding a bike). Many thanks for upgrading the seat post and George's suggestion of upgrading the already good Ultegra brakes to the TRP's is amazing. I have only been out for a quick 20 miler at the moment and it feels "familiar" already.

I cannot praise George enough at Edwardes, coming in on his day off just to make sure I was happy with the bike, fantastic. He obviously shares the same passion as you guys do in the making the bikes.

Once again, thanks for making a great product.

Mike, Kent.

11th November 2014


During the Xmas period I was talked into partaking in a 5 day charity ride this coming August. This resulting in me needing a road bike as it was over 25 years ago since I owned one.  After much deliberating and research I stumbled across the Sabbath web site and just loved the look of their bikes.  As I am no pro cyclist i.e. weighing approx 50% more than a pro I was concerned about what I may do to a carbon frame. The thought of spending lots of hard earned cash for it to snap in half worried me - or at least the potential!  So after a lot of deliberation I organised to view a Silk Road at Cadence Sports near Burton and immediately fell in love with it.  I ordered said frame set from Cadence and built the bike up myself with a little bit of help.  Since completing the build I've put a few hundred miles on it and completed my first (103km) sportive last weekend.  I am unable to provide any comparison as this is the only road bike I have ridden since getting back into the saddle so to speak (my last bike had a massive 5 gears which were changed with a lever on the down tube!) but I love it. The ride is comfortable, it responds when required. I'm just a bit gutted it wouldn't take me up some the horrible climbs on the sportive but I feel that is more to do with the owner than the bike itself!!

Andrew from Sabbath has been extremely helpful while I was going through my research phase and Im sure he'll be there if required any time in the future.  I would certainly recommend Sabbath to anyone who is considering a new bike. Titanium is the future! Just tickles me how the carbon bike manufacturers are marketing different types of carbon/layups etc to overcome the road noise/buzz that Ti does in its sleep.

I'm now saving up for a Mondays Child!!


29th April 2014


My lovely Sabbath September is back from a major overhaul/rebuild courtesy of Battlefield Cycles, Market Bosworth. As well as a new full Ultegra groupset, I took the opportunity to update the decals - thanks Sabbath but you have to admit the original green ones were not great! Over the last five years, it's taken me from the Channel to the Med., Bordeaux to Barcelona, up Mont Ventoux and many other great rides. Its a great bike to ride all day, day after day. Here's to many more great years of enjoyable cycling!

John Willetts

26th March 2014


Very remiss of us not to post this review of the Monday's Child, we could not have asked for a better review.  Titanium is a fabulous material to make bikes from and combine this with innovative design and you have the Monday's Child, its a performance bike, feisty and responsive that will bring a smile to your face.  Don't be hoodwinked by carbon, we are not all you bang your carbon bike or have a small incident it is likely a gonna, resale is a challenge as who knows its history and weight, well for most of us this is a bit of marketing nonsense, you will sooner suffer from fatigue (carbon vs titanium) than any weight disadvantage.

ps/ should mention that Tim Granshaw wrote the review, ex elite cyclist from the US....he liked the bike so much he purchased it for the upcoming season.

27th January 2014


What I love is the directness of the bike. You can really feel the responsiveness of it, especially on the hills. It's a great ride, it certainly feels miles  better than my old carbon trek. I really didn't think I would say that. I was also pleasantly surprised that the weight was not too much more than my carbon.  I can tell its taller than my old bikes, and I haven't figured out yet if the stem is too long or not but will find out over time.

Looking forward to a proper long ride though. I am waiting for a nice day. Don't want to get it dirty too quickly :-)))  I am pretty sure it will be fun to do a long ride on it too. I am very happy with it so far.

Tom Knierim


22nd January 2014


The Sabbath September makes the 2013/4 bike of the year list.  You can read all about it by clicking on the link here.

10th January 2014


This bike is everything you want - quick, smooth, aesthetically pleasing and a joy to ride .  It's the weekend bike of choice.


6th September 2013



This time it's the Silk Road with a fantastic review in Cycletech Review.  Tim wins a crit race whilst testing the bike.

"To say I was pleasantly surprised by the Silk Road would be an understatement. I was expecting a somewhat sluggish, uninspiring machine built for new riders. What I got was a clean-handling, spritely bike."

Click here to read the full review.


25th July 2013



Thought you might like to see my pride and joy, it's a Silk Road, with Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels and SRAM RED group set, it's the comfiest bike I've ever ridden. Please keep up the good work.

John Dougherty



10th July 2013


My September is latest addition to the fleet. It was inspired from the general feeling that I can no longer deal with full bottom up head down geometry. So out of respect for my age the more relaxed geometry of the September seemed ideal. A few weekends in the garage and shuffling parts from one bike to another resulted in a nice understated looking September. 

Have to say that my expectations have been far exceeded. The bike is super comfy with stable and secure handling even in the Peak District on post winter roads. What is particularly pleasing is that the there is no loss of the fun factor. Even with the extra clearances necessary for guards the front end feels planted, stiff and secure and whilst not as super responsive as my carbon bike it has become the tool of choice for Sunday mornings. 
Great job Sabbath.

Phil, Altrincham.


"Once that was done the September definitely became the bike to grab out of the garage even on days when I could have taken the Sunday best race bike. I'd always take the Sabbath due to the fact it was almost as quick from A to B if you haven't got a number on your back and it was supremely comfortable meaning the ride home was hell of a lot easier to get motivated for."

25th April 2013


Thanks for sorting out the Silk Road frame for me.  I took Thursday off to build it (at work!!) and christened it in the afternoon on a very cold damp ride, but it had to be done.  Waiting on some final parts to arrive but this is the build so far.  Gone for a quality build with longevity in mind; Chris King headset and bb in Pewter goes well with the Ultegra groupset, full Enve cockpit and fork, and my old set of Cosmic Carbones that are due to be replaced with something more traditional. 

The ride quality is what I knew it would be having ridden the demo plenty, but even better, the faster it goes the smoother the ride. The 18cm headtube of the large gives such a good fit without loads of spacers, only fitted 25mm and will lower a tad now. Why are you seemingly the only people that make frames to fit the majority of riders?  Keep it up! Everyone else still has really short headtubes / stacks of spacers / and riders that aren't flexible enough to reach them.

Paul at Mountain Trax

25th March 2013


In the past I was a keen road cyclist who undertook triathlons when it was a relatively new sport in the UK. Then age, work and injuries changed all that and as a result of back problems that all changed. I could no longer bend down to get to the brakes-that ain't good I can tell you. Then after a recent visit to Velo Cycles in Stone that all changed. I purchased a Sabbath September frame and had a custom hybrid bike made up for road use with straight handlebars. The result is fantastic aesthetically and more importantly physically as I can now cycle again. Thank you Sabbath.


14th March 2013


I rode the Sabbath Silk Road for the 1st time last night in anger and it was a truly excellent ride. Uber light weight and responsive, while at the same time comfortable and stable at both low and high speeds.  It's my first Ti road bike and it's early days, but I may never ride a carbon bike again (I know, bold statement) but the clean lines, understated aesthetic and silky smooth ride are unbelievable!

Keith @MaxBikesPR

7th March 2013


My new Aspire is every bit as good as I hoped it would be. It was a bit of an impulse purchase and I had no idea how it would turn out but I couldn't be happier. 

I made a bit of a mistake last year and bought carbon when really, what I wanted, was titanium. I'm so glad I've been able to get this (and lose the carbon one). The finish of the frame is absolutely stunning with the blasted and very understanted logo's. The classic round tubes, the colour of the Ti and the "grain" all add up to make something that looks and feels pretty special.

Having read countless reviews of Ti bikes that talk of the materials amazing ability to smooth out roads, I was worried that it wouldnt live up to expectations. I needn't have been. The ride quality is simply incredible, and whilst certain components will doubtlessly be upgraded over time, the frame is a keeper. In fact, the idea of a frame for life was one of the things that attracted me in the first place. There is something very reassuring and timeless about metal and I am now a huge Ti (and Sabbath) fan. Would love to see a growing range of Sabbath branded Ti accessories.

Steve Johnson, Ti Convert, Scottish Borders

28th December 2012



After a painful amount of titanium framed deliberation, and some good advice from Wayne Jackson at Sabbath I settled on the Aspire. I love the frames old school look and the sand blasting decals are a nice understated touch (less is more in my opinion!). 

Tri UK in Yeovil customised the Aspire frame with some Mavic Elite wheels and a SRAM Rival groupset which brings the bike in at a respectable 18 lbs. The bike's low weight and sure handling makes me look good climbing and my riding buddies have noticed my over night improvement. 

After riding 600 miles on this bike I can honestly say it is as comfortable as it is responsive and quick. For Sabbath's lower priced frame, it is top!    

I am well chuffed with my investment. 

Kris Amey,

Aspiring Climber and 40 Something

Sixpenny Handley, Wiltshire.


27th November 2012


When I rode mountain bikes in the late 80s/early 90s, I always wanted a titanium bike, but was never in a position where I could actually produce the cash to buy one and had to be content with the occasional accessory. 

I decided to move from the mountains onto the roads in January/February of this year and decided that, since I was buying an complete bicycle, it was now, or never, for the strategic metal option. After a side-by-side test against a similarly priced carbon bike I was sold. One custom Silk Road build later and, frankly, I couldn't be happier.

It's done everything I have asked of it with a finesse that I really didn't expect. After my mountain bike with big squidgy tyres I was expecting a road bike to be rock hard and it just isn't. The best way I can describe it is like driving a Porsche - you know exactly what's going on underneath you, but you get to keep your fillings.

The best thing about it is that it's good at everything - if I want to go for a slow cafe trundle then I can do that quite happily (and comfortably), but if I want to set a time on my local loop, it's up for that too.

The reality is that it's simply far more capable a bike than I am a rider and, as long as I take proper care of it, I'm looking forward to many happy years and many more happy miles...

Jon Bennett

25th November 2012



My Monday’s Child - I was surprised by how much lateral stiffness this British design titanium frame has, it is very comfortable, a fast ride and I like the non conventional innovative shaped tubing, which brakes the mold of run of the mill titanium designs currently available.  In a nutshell I love this bike, I am finished with carbon – titanium is the way forward for me.

George Hughes, Edwardes Cycles, London.


23rd November 2012


Metal bikes are the future. Today was the first time I got to ride my shiny Sabbath Mondays Child for a few weeks after recovering from surgery on a badly broken collar bone five weeks ago. 86 hilly Northumbrian miles later-perhaps abit far for my first decent ride in over a month-and my passion for cycling is fully restored. The broken surface that passes for tarmac in this part of the world just seems to glide under the wheels even on an aggressive race geometry bike like the Mondays Child. The right wheels help of course but having tried this bike with some 60mm deep aero wheels I can confirm that the frame really does make the constant vibrations felt on less forgiving bikes melt away. The light build with 2013 Sram Red and some sublime handbuilt wheels result in an on the road weight just over 6kg, not bad for a metal bike with metal wheels. The lights were flickering towards the end of the ride so the low weight was very welcome nearing home! The responsiveness is right up there with the best carbon has to offer and I have ridden a lot of them. The sublime comfort is hard to beat and the unique look of titanium still turns heads. Everyone has a carbon bike it seems these days so if you don't want the same bike as every one else have a test ride on one of these.


My cycling history is a long and sometimes painful one. I'm a British Cycling Level 2 Coach and bike fitter. I have been racing for about 30 years and hold a 1st Cat racing licence. I am the current NE Masters Crit champion and a former British and European track champion at Elite and national level. I have also twice completed all 250km of the Tour of Flanders parcours on my other Sabbath - a September. Ill tell you about that another time.


Chris Bush
Bike Repair Man

20th November 2012


Riding a Ti bike wasn't an easy choice for me, being a 86kg 1550Watt sprinter I tend to put bikes through the mill and my thoughts were that a Ti bike cannot, posses the lightweight rigidity I need. In fact many Carbon bikes let me down in this area so how can Ti do it, so I thought. I thought wrong, the first turn of the cranks proved that when I road my first Sabbath - on test a Silk Road. I was propelled forward with a zing, a hum, an efficient silence, just effortless forward progress. The bike was as stiff as the Cento Uno I was riding at the time but possessed a different category of comfort and forward motion. Since that first test, I have now owned a:

  • September - What can I say - use it for everything when I am in the UK, training hard, loading up the pannier rack and using it as my utility vehicle, it is probably the bike I am most likely to keep for the rest of my life.
  • Mondays Child - Super pin sharp, a real racers bike, but comfortable enough to spend a day in the mountains as a companion, I have ridden and raced this bike in France and was never ever disappointed with it. It was probably the bike I most regret selling in my life.
  • Nirvana - Wow, this is the Pinarello Dogma of Ti bikes, no, wait.................... it's better than that. It is right at the pinnacle of what can be achieved with Ti at this time. It is stiff fast, comfortable, elegant, an amazing thing to look at. I would happily hang a Nirvana frame on my wall in my office, but I fear I would not get enough work done!

Scott Davies
Amateur bike racer
Cabris, France.

19th November 2012


My Mondays Child is the best bike I have ever ridden - I've been a serious Sportive rider for over 40 years. I still do over 5,000 miles a year. The bike is fast and climbs beautifully.

I'm not a racer, but the responsiveness is real and obvious. Yet it remains incredibly comfortable. However, I did need to re-learn descending on it because - as you say "it wants to be ridden" and I needed to position myself lower on the bike to maximize control. The truth is the bike wants to descend much faster that I will let it go.

Jeff Brand

18th November 2012


We became tarmac spotters. In some places it was so bad that we gave up pointing out potholes to each other, adopting an everyman for himself approach. But, it was on these roads that my love for the Sabbath Silk Road was cemented. It delivered the perfect combination of comfort and stiffness; smoothing the road as much as possible for miles on end, yet without feeling overly wallowy - feeling like all pedaling effort is harnessed and converted in to forward motion, as physical and mental necessity.

The flip slide of the [luggage] weight was the speed on the downs, it seriously picked up pace; unnerving at first, but the Sabbath, is such a grounded bike that it just lapped up the speed and at times it almost felt like I was being lead down the descents - total confidence inspiring.

1000 miles later - Hannah Bussey's epic Lands End to John O'Groats

17th November 2012


With a daily commute of 20 miles over the Preseli mountains, building a bike which combines extremely good climbing speed with lovely ride comfort and forgiving geometry was crucial. The Monday’s Child has given me everything I wanted from a road bike with the assurance of its bullet proof construction and elegantly understated aesthetics. I will be riding the Monday’s child for a very long time to come.

Carlos Mujica
Level 2 Cycle Coach - Pembrokeshire Bikes

16th November 2012


My Sabbath September setup is the ideal British bike. I have a Brooks saddle and a triple chain set on it. Between the bike and saddle the road vibrations have virtually disappeared. For the 1st couple of weeks I kept on wondering where all the bumps had gone from my 26 mile round commute. I even found myself trying to find potholes to find out if I could feel them. The triple chain set is great if I am tired cycling home with full panniers or while out on longer rides especially with Britain’s sharp steep hills, I never run out of gears. I love just ambling on the bike but it is still very responsive if you want to go faster.

Next year I am cycling Paris to Rome and I was going to take my Lovely carbon Colnago bike to ride back to Italy. Now however I will be riding my British Sabbath over instead. Having bought the bike back in the summer I still sometimes feel like I should ring the shop on what a great bike it is! An excellent commuter, training, sportive, touring and “having fun” bike!

Neil John
Commuter and discerning cyclist, Wales.

16th November 2012


Hello, I thought I would just drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for your response, in getting a Silk Route to Spa cycles for me to purchase. I collected it on the 13th October and although I have done very little on it at the moment I must say it is a fantastic bike. I commute daily on it and intended to do some tours next year, with day rides in between. It will be my "one bike fits all" machine. I have three other bikes which are now going to be sold, as the Silk Route is the only bike I am going to need. I will sing its praises to anyone that will listen, and anyone that does not really want too !!


Dave Percival

15th November 2012


The September is an absolute joy to ride. It is comfortable, it's practical and it looks great. My only criticism is that I now no longer ride my other bike!


John Ewart, Pembrokeshire

14th November 2012


I've owned a Silk Road Alp* for two years and love it, living in a very hilly part of France for around 6 months of each year I've found it an ideal bike.


* the Silk Road Alp has been replaced by the 2012 Silk Road which incorporates many of the popular features.


Chris Foster

13th November 2012