Welcome to Sabbath Bikes. British design, bold in thinking and yes, rather eccentric too. What is clear is that Sabbath is a fantastic product delivering an outstanding rider experience, from crit racing to sportive style riding to touring.


Sabbath was established in late 2006. It was formed and is run by bike riders and enthusiasts. The Sabbath team is small, but between us we boast over 100 years experience in the cycling industry. Sabbath’s designs combine expertise in materials and engineering design with the input and feedback of ex pro and Cat1 riders.


At Sabbath we are keen innovators and our bikes include many distinguishing features, all to deliver the best possible ride. Check out our bike photos, you will see the new Ti Wave technology on the Monday’s Child and Nirvana, concave and and convex seat stays and biaxial ovalisation of down tubes. Performance, performance but we also think it looks beautiful and distinguished….combining function and aesthetics.


Sabbath is a young bike company with a growing reputation... if you want the best possible rider experience and to stand out from the crowd then please continue to explore our web site. One more thing, if you are a Sabbath rider then please let us know how you are getting on, we love to hear from you - Get in Touch


We BELIEVE that your bike should be a natural extension of you, EXTRAORDINARY is what you feel when riding a Sabbath bike.


When you’re in conversation you naturally make hand gestures and facial expression to make your point, you do it subconsciously and seamlessly linking it to whatever you’re saying. We think that when you place your feet in the pedals, your hands on the handlebars, the experience should be the same.


At Sabbath, we believe in a human centered approach to Design. Design is concerned with your ergonomic fit. That means you should sit naturally on the bike in the way that you’ll spend your time pedaling it for the infinite hours and years ahead.


Design is concerned with your environment. Always raining where you are? Ride in heavy traffic? Doing the club time trial series? The bike you ride needs to reflect your environment, not that of the pros or the guys you see in the magazines.


Design is concerned with human biology, physiology and psychology. To enjoy riding your bike you need to feel good. We look to optimize design by considering function and where necessary challenging traditional approaches.


Each of the 6 models in our range has a specific end user in mind. It’s logical, then, that each model has its specific geometry differences, tubeset tweaks and profile changes that make them uniquely suited to the type of end user they are intended for. Coupled with custom fit options, and a chat and Sabbath bike fit through your Sabbath dealer, we’re confident that every rider will find something in the range which suits them exactly and fits like a well tailored glove.


Sabbath Bikes
Sabbath Bikes